Versace Eros

Versace Eros is one of the best designer clubbing fragrances on the market today. If you are looking for a little more youngful, modern, going-out type of a scent, that is quite unique and that will cut through other scents in a club enviroment, then Eros should be a great option.

Think of it opening with a fresh citrus, which quickly then calms down into a spearmint (the sweeter; chewing gum type), tonka bean, sweet vanillic bomb. You will definietly get NOTICED wearing Eros wherever you go, as the sillage is nothing to underestimate in this fragrance.

The performance is top notch, with ridiculous longevity on clothes.(Montales having nuclear overall). I kid you not; One misdirected spray that landed on my rubber watch band made it smell like Eros for a month.

The bottle design is nice and unique which reminds me automatically of something out of Scarface. It looks like something that should be sitting on top of Tony Montana’s desk next to a heap of cocaine and a 80s brick phone.

Be aware that by overspraying this fragrance, you could easily fill up something like a aircraft hangar and annoy more people than you can possibly please. So be easy with the trigger on this one, and you should be set for a great night out and maybe a couple compliments ; m

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