Prada Candy Prada for women

Excuse me for my bad english,i must write a review for this one,i just love it
What a misleading name & bottle!!!
soft,light powdered caramel
I picked up this one for my younger sister because i tought it is a teenage perfume,one of those super sweet gourmands
But when i first got a whiff of this,i was surronded with blasts of powder,sweet caramelly powder and i was surprised,what a delicious,lovely and mature scent
Now i happily own a full bottle of prada candy and i enjoy every minute of this,it starts powdery and dries down to a caramelly,vanill,musky cream
It IS sweet but not an irritating super sweet one
If you are a fan of caramel,vanilla,musk and powder just as i am,candy is all you need
Staying power and sillage are good(much more than moderate) but when you wear it you can not smell it after couple of hours,but it is still there,invisible to you but visible to other people around you

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