Mad Potion Katy Perry

A masterpiece! This perfume is to Katy Perry what “Passion” was to Liz Taylor. Maybe it’s not a coincidence both bottles are purple? Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t Passion. This is a very unique, complex fragrance. It reminds me of the love-child of Hypnotic Poison and Pink Sugar, but with more jasmine and musk, yet it’s still like nothing I’ve ever smelled! I do notice a slightly “burnt sugar” smell in the dry-down.
By the way, the sillage is huge. I just used the body lotion from my gift-set, and didn’t even need the fragrance with it and it lasted all day. If I use the fragrance as well, it will definitely be a night-time, going out scent.
I read the Katy Perry says this is her chosen going out at night fragrance. I chalked that up to publicity, until I smelled this, and now I absolutely believe her. This smells expensive, classy, complex and remarkable.
The bottle is super-cute and fun, love the ’60’s retro throwback kitsch.

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