La Vie Est Belle Lancome for women

I purchased a bottle of La Vie Est Belle 3 years ago, I was looking for a strong sweet scent for spring, autumn and winter days. It was love at first sight, my skin felt a sweet and powerful fragrance gourmand in the way I always loved. In my skin I feel the praline and banunilha-patchouli, with a touch fruity sour black currant all the time, which is the only thing that bothers me today in this fragrance, because I don’t like black fruits in perfumes. Time passed and the perfume has become generic for me. Very popular even in Brazil, where the minority often use imported perfumes. It became the new ” Fantasy ” and the new ” 212 sexy ” or even something like Paco Rabanne: extremely boring and without identity. It’s sad, because a scent that I really loved to use, is trivialized. I love powerful and sexy perfumes, but I like unique scents and less used in my country for don’t be confused with a generic ballad girl who just wants to draw attention of men. The Lancome’s fragrances are wonderful with great longevity and projection, it is a shame that one of their perfumes become a best friend of basic girls without identity in my country. I give 8/10 for the fragrance, 9/10 for longevity and projection.

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