Eau So Fabulous Isaac Mizrahi for women

This is my absolute new favorite. This is also the perfect time of year for testing this so if you see it buy it! I got mine at tj maxx and I wear it daily. At first I thought it was the same as JLo’s Glamourous or Paris Hilton Passport South Beach and I was going to toss it but I wore and I quickly changed my mind. It is a sparkly, floral fruity but that praline note does this more justice than I can describe. It’s barely there but it gives this an intoxicating and ever so slightly heady aroma while maintaining a fresh and light aroma without being gourmand. It doesn’t have a real heavy wood note and the musk is very light, too. You have to try this on your skin. It smells very high quality and is very well done. I told my bff about this and she found it at her tj maxx and loves it, too. This is the best 10 dollars that I have spent on perfume. It’s an eau de toilette but it lasts for a while on me and has great silage. Everyone says that I smell nice or asks if it’s me who smells so good.

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