Mad Potion Katy Perry

A masterpiece! This perfume is to Katy Perry what “Passion” was to Liz Taylor. Maybe it’s not a coincidence both bottles are purple? Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t Passion. This is a very unique, complex fragrance. It reminds me of the love-child of Hypnotic Poison and Pink Sugar, but with more jasmine and musk, yet it’s still like nothing I’ve ever smelled! I do notice a slightly “burnt sugar” smell in the dry-down.
By the way, the sillage is huge. I just used the body lotion from my gift-set, and didn’t even need the fragrance with it and it lasted all day. If I use the fragrance as well, it will definitely be a night-time, going out scent.
I read the Katy Perry says this is her chosen going out at night fragrance. I chalked that up to publicity, until I smelled this, and now I absolutely believe her. This smells expensive, classy, complex and remarkable.
The bottle is super-cute and fun, love the ’60’s retro throwback kitsch.


I LOVED THIS! I’m so in love with this fragrance of hers, its my favorite of all of hers! It may be because my chemistry pulls vanilla real well. It’s a mix of boozy, and faintly exotic floral vanilla. The village lasts about 5-6 hours on me. Projection is moderate…not like I want my scent to arrive 10-15 feet before me. It’s aan inviting scent, meant to invite others.

Versace Eros

Versace Eros is one of the best designer clubbing fragrances on the market today. If you are looking for a little more youngful, modern, going-out type of a scent, that is quite unique and that will cut through other scents in a club enviroment, then Eros should be a great option.

Think of it opening with a fresh citrus, which quickly then calms down into a spearmint (the sweeter; chewing gum type), tonka bean, sweet vanillic bomb. You will definietly get NOTICED wearing Eros wherever you go, as the sillage is nothing to underestimate in this fragrance.

The performance is top notch, with ridiculous longevity on clothes.(Montales having nuclear overall). I kid you not; One misdirected spray that landed on my rubber watch band made it smell like Eros for a month.

The bottle design is nice and unique which reminds me automatically of something out of Scarface. It looks like something that should be sitting on top of Tony Montana’s desk next to a heap of cocaine and a 80s brick phone.

Be aware that by overspraying this fragrance, you could easily fill up something like a aircraft hangar and annoy more people than you can possibly please. So be easy with the trigger on this one, and you should be set for a great night out and maybe a couple compliments ; m

Vera Wang Floral Rush

The scent is great, very floral as the name would suggest, a tad musky and in my opinion, very oriental.

Maybe not the most unique scent but definitely a really feminine scent. On me, the longevity is fine, maybe because I tend to spray a bit more. Lasted me really long (> 8 hours) and I can still smell it after coming out of the shower.

The packaging is, of course, what draws most people. It looks really pretty on the vanity.

Overall, I love it!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

If you’ve ever skipped through a field of wildflowers in a white eyelet dress, you know exactly what wearing this scent feels like. (OK, technically we’ve never done that either, but you get the idea.) It’s summery and carefree and totally dreamy. But just like a daydream, the scent is fleeting, so you’ll have to reapply a couple of times to keep that bright, happy vibe.

Loverdose L’Eau de Toilette Diesel for women

On my skin, this actually mellows quite nicely and it is a bit more sophisticated than just the usual flowery stuff… yes, the initial waft is a bit sweet and overpowering, but if it is used with caution i think this could work for some people…

I would say this is more an evening one than a day time, and definitely not a summer fragrance, but i may even give it a try one day in the office…

If anyone faints with heavy headedness i shall report right back.